Our Studio

In 2014, designers Lorean Britz and Koemi Hillebrand jointly founded Lorean Jewellery, a South African design studio specialising in the creation of bespoke fine jewellery.
Lorean and Koemi sought to blend their creative visions and skillsets, resulting in a brand that embodies unique design, fused with expert craftmanship and quality.

Now, a proud team of five, Lorean Jewellery operates in a private design studio in Pretoria.
From design conception to creating the finished piece, the entire process is done in-house. With over 18 years experience in fine jewellery-making, Lorean Jewellery studio is the ideal place to have a custom-designed piece commissioned. The design team has an eye for detail with an understanding and passion for design.

Lorean Jewellery provides clients with a bespoke service, ensuring that they leave with a expertly crafted jewellery piece that endures and delights.